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It can be frustrating when distance seems to get in the way of gifting the people you love the way you would wish for. But with online gift delivery services, the geographical barriers are eliminated conveniently. The online florists are usually located in different places, making it possible to make your order online and have that very same gift delivered to your desired person. It is among the many conveniences that have been brought by the power of the internet.

But just like buying anything else online, you need to be cautious with the providers you use to make sure that you get value for your efforts and money. There is need to use a service provider you can fully trust to deliver according to your expectations. Here are a few tips to help make your online gift delivery a success.

Verify the delivery service: Does the online florist actually deliver to the area where the recipient is? If yes, what has previous customers got to say about the service? Reviews and feedback given on the online store can give a sneak pick of what to expect, so do not be afraid to check whether you can trust them or not before ordering the gift.

Look at the list of gifts: Most online stores deal with flowers, chocolates, candies, and other common types of gifts. Before going ahead to place your gift delivery order, at least make sure that the store has a gift that is suitable enough for the person you are gifting. If you can't seem to find what you had in mind, it is always better that you ask whether any extra arrangements can be done for that exact gift that you want delivered.

Think about how long it will take for the gift to be delivered: The good thing with most online gift delivery services is that they are location specific. They will have representatives placed in different locations so it is easy for them to make fast deliveries. Remember that some gifts such as flowers are perishable and they need quick deliveries if at all they are to reach the recipient fresh and lovely. Speed is also paramount because the last thing you want is a gift that reaches your loved one too late when the occasion is all done. The faster your online store can deliver, the better it will be so think about speed.

Check out affordability: Online services are very convenient and the truth is that they are not that expensive. The cost of your gift sending may rely largely on the gift you have selected to send, the packaging and customization options you have selected among other factors. Find out what your online provider will charge for the gift you are interested in and weigh whether it is reasonable enough. It is simply amazing to be able to give a physical gift, across the borders without spending too much on it.

Celebrations mean different things in different cultures. Indians, who are generally known to be very traditional in the way they select gifts have accommodated some new approaches. The trends of gifting are gradually changing from a welcome garland to a rose bouquet, sweets to cakes, hand knitted sweaters to fashion apparel and such examples are increasing by the day.

Most occasions are linked to some kind of gifts which is thought to be perfect for the occasion. Here are some occasions when Indians prefer sending cakes to their loved ones.


Earlier in India, birthdays were celebrated with sweets and kheer (thickened milk cooked with rice) but the trends are changing now. People cannot think of celebrating birthdays without a scrumptious cake. The fervor of sending pre-ordered cakes to India has increased so much that online gift shops have taken it as a challenge to perk up their network, introduce new designs and launch new flavors with each passing season. There are endless varieties of cakes to choose from. Some of the most favored Birthday cakes in recent times have been photo cakes, themed cakes, character cakes, number cakes, drippy and delicious buttercream cakes with floral designs.


When two people tie the knot, it's time to celebrate! One of the most chosen gifts on this occasion is a cake. Indians love to follow the ongoing gifting trends, thus online wedding cakes in India are extremely popular. Some of the favorites are multiple layered or tiered cakes adorned with fondant and trimmed with edible floral wreaths. The color scheme that's often selected for this occasion is soft pastels, nothing too jazzy.

Wedding Anniversary

Marriages are special but wedding anniversaries are nostalgic. Undeniably, one of the best gifts on this occasion is cakes. Quintessential flavors for this occasion are red velvet, chocolate, vanilla and fresh fruit versions. Although, taste is what matters but what most Indians consider while ordering a cake, are its aesthetics. Most preferred wedding anniversary cakes are topped with elaborate sugar roses, intricate fondant patterns and passionate hues like red.

Valentine's Day

It will not be fair to say only Indians choose to send cakes to their lovers on Valentine's Day because most of the world follows a similar drift. Valentine's Day cakes are very popular; after all, it's made for a sweet relation that turns sweeter as years pass by! It goes without saying, romantic ideas work out best on Valentine's Day cakes. A treat for a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or any loved one, in all corners of the country people enthusiastically order for cakes on February 14. Thanks to e-gift shops, it's so simple and quick!

Mother's Day

Indians are gradually incorporating western celebrations in their lives. Specific celebrations which were unheard of earlier are being enthusiastically observed with cards, gifts and dinner. Mother occupies a very special place in every child's heart. Western countries have been celebrating Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May for long but for Indians, it's something very new. Indian's have always been known for their adaptability and capability to accommodate new cultures. Mother's Day has become a popular celebration in the country when sons and daughters send thoughtful gifts to their mother not missing out that utterly delicious cake.

Birthday celebrations are precious and everyone wants to have a special day with friends and loved ones. Birthday gifts make the day stand out for the celebrant and one of the best gifts you can choose is a bouquet of flowers. But considering that flowers are highly appreciated by women more than men, you should make sure that the man you want to gift will actually appreciate the gesture and not end up feeling awkward about it. But with so many flowers available, how then do you know which flower is best for the birthday gift.

Irises - They are delicate spring flowers that represent compliment and they therefore make very good flowers for a birthday. An iris bouquet can compliment the youthful looks of the recipient or her graceful aging. When sending this flower for a birthday, try as much as possible to send it in bud form so the recipient has the chance to see the flowers blossom and mature.

Roses - They are the flowers that come in handy for any given occasion. For a birthday, red roses are very good choices especially as an expression of romantic love. However, if this is not the case and you may be gifting a family member, then white roses are the best because the symbolize purity. Yellow roses also make very good birthday flowers; they are safe and innocent and they can be given to anyone.

Lilies - They are attractive and exotic and represent prosperity and happiness making them a wonderful choice for a birthday wish. You can choose a bouquet of lilies only or you can mix them up with other flowers like blue irises. A mixed bouquet can make a delightful gift especially with fresh and bright flowers.

Orchids - Hybrid orchid breeds make deal gifts for different occasions including birthdays. They do not have romantic overtones and since they are easy to care for, they will be appreciated by the celebrant. You can give them to your relatives, male and female friends or even co-workers and they also know no age limits.

Sunflowers - They are vivid and will definitely brighten up the day of the birthday celebrant. They represent pure love and they suit everyone from family members to friends whom you love and cherish. The sunflowers are indeed a cheerful birthday gift.

Birthday flower ideas

When looking for a birthday flower bouquet with a twist, you can choose mixed flowers. Daisies and lilies can work well together and make wonderful choices for younger friends and members of the family. You can also try mixing the popular birthday flowers with chrysanthemums for recipients you have no romantic relationship with. Work with an experienced and knowledgeable florist to get the flower mixing right.

Try month specific flowers to make special birthday gifts. Spring daffodils for instance are the perfect flowers for March babies.

Add an interesting item to the flower arrangement to make it even more complete for the birthday. Birthday berries, cookies, fruits or even balloons are some of the add-ons that can make your flower gift complete.

New year is amongst the seasons when everyone expects to receive a gift. The last thing you want to do is surprise your loved ones and friends with gifts that are too random that they do not know whether to be happy or not. It is always best when you are able to give something that will definitely cheer up someone or one that makes life easier and this means that you must be careful so that you select the perfect gifts for the season. But then again with so many new year gift ideas, how do you select the perfect one?

1. Know which direction to take. For instance the gift that is perfect for your sister may not be that appropriate for your boss. You therefore must start off with a direction so that you choose items that are practical and in relation to the kind of relationship you have with the person you are gifting. If you really do not know what a certain person might like, buy them something that relates to the kind of job they do.

2. Be alert. One of the best ways of getting everyone in your circle a gift that they will love for the new year is paying a little attention to what they say. Usually people will reveal what they want and when you are keen enough, you might have the easiest time telling what gifts will be appealing to them and which ones will not make the same impression. It also helps to be observative so you can tell their latest trends.

3. Take them on a shopping spree. It is not always that you may have this advantage because of how dispersed the people you are gifting can be. But in case you have some around you, you can ask them to take you for shopping, then when you are out there you can pay attention to what they say they like but probably can't afford. You can also pick put items you were thinking of gifting to them and ask them what they think without letting them know you plan to get it for them.

4. Think of something practical. There are so many New Year gifts some that even include food stuffs. But in case you are not very sure of what would make the perfect gift for that person then think about getting them something they can actually use. You can for instance, go for watches, kitchen utensils and technological devices which you are sure will make a difference for them.

5. Create a budget. You may have a long list of people you want to send gifts to and this could be very costly if you do not have a plan in place. It is best to start with a budget so that you are able to breakdown the gifts sensibly. A good New Year gift doesn't necessarily need to be expensive; there are so many affordable gifts that are valuable and impressive enough. Know what you can afford before you start shopping for the New Year gifts.

Cooling fans offer a solution that is both efficient as well as cost effective to keep up a temperate environment for storing these servers in small spaces. Maintaining the temperate environment ensures that servers continue to act at optimal levels of performance to keep systems running. They are vital to the upkeep of both residential as well as commercial systems. It is important to know how to choose the right configuration.

Typically, a cooling configuration consists of the fan itself which maintains a constant airflow directly on the server. Attached to it is the guard, which separates the fan from the server, as well as a filter, which prevents unwanted particles and dust from blowing into the server. All three of these are then assembled together on a tray which holds the entire assembly as close as possible to the server to have the greatest amount of air flowing directly on it.

Choosing the right cooling fan is extremely important. Size is certainly something to be considered and should be determined based on the size of the server that it's intended to cool as well as the size of the space which it is cooling. Both plastic and aluminum options are available to choose from. The right product will make a minimal amount of noise, while outputting the maximum amount of airflow, thus creating an efficient cooling system.

Just as important are the filters. Choosing the right filter can directly impact the airflow as well. They are offered in both plastic and aluminum. Typically, the aluminum filters are slightly more expensive than the plastic, but they tend to last longer. Both are offered at a discount when bought in bulk. They are both easily installed and removed for cleaning and replacement and offer excellent protection to keep dust and other particles from entering the server.

The guard separates the fan from the server itself to keep from damaging the device. Choosing the right guard is just as important as the filter, as this too, can also impact the amount of airflow onto the server. The company recently released a guard, which allows the ideal amount of air flow, while also providing protection for the device. The guards are also offered in both plastic and aluminum as well.

The size and place of the rack is vital to the performance of the total configuration. The purpose of the rack is to hold the configuration in such a place to get the it blowing as much air directly onto the server an as closely, as possible while also protecting the device. The company offers an array of kits that include all four parts that come preselected for optimal performance.

Cooling fans are vital to maintaining a temperate environment for electronic equipment. They provide largest continuous air flow on the server to allow it to act at optimal performing standards. The company offers a range of products to help keep electronics cool in both US and European sizes to meet the needs of clients. Any sizes that they don't offer, they will custom make to fit a particular need

GardTec Inc. is the largest manufacturer of electronic fans and fan accessories. Their online store offers a variety of products and configurations to meet the growing needs of both residential and commercial clients. The company offers both US and European sizes. Any of their products can also be custom-ordered to size to be able to meet a particular client need. They are at the forefront of technological advancements offering both plastic and metal filter options. They also offer the latest technology in fan guards to provide optimal performance and protection for electronic cooling needs.

Cabinet cooling systems give an affordable and efficient solution to keep up electronics at optimal temperatures when they are stored in small spaces. Without adequate airflow on the server, one is taking the risk of overheating which could cause the system to fail, or even cause damage that could result in lost data. An extremely vital part to any system, both commercial and residential, the proper configuration is extremely important as well.

Cooling systems have been developed that work directly with the server configuration to help maintain optimal temperatures and keep a consistent and steady airflow even when they are stored in smaller spaces. These configurations often consist of a fan, an air filter, a guard, and a rack that holds the entire configuration together and keeps it close enough to the server itself to maintain the continuous airflow directly on the server.

There are many options when considering a cabinet cooling fan. They are offered in different sizes, both US and European. There are also different materials, both plastic and aluminum for clients to choose from to fit their needs. The plastic options tend to be more economical because the aluminum options will last longer. However, both options can be easily removed for installation, cleaning and replacement as needed. Both are offered at a discount in bulk.

Choosing the right filter to go with the fan is also extremely important. The filter is what prevents dust and debris from blowing right into the server. Also, choosing the right size and style can much impact the amount of airflow onto the server as well. These too, are offered in both an aluminum mesh as well as plastic options, with the aluminum having a longer lifespan than the plastic, but both offering excellent protection for electronics.

Guards are just as important as the filters are to the overall configuration of the cooling system. The guards are placed between the fan and the server, separating the two devices enough so that one cannot damage the other, while keeping them close enough to maximize the amount of airflow directly from the fan and on the server. The guard option that allows for largest air flow is going to be the wire guard, though plastic and aluminum are also available.

The company also offers an array of prelected cabinet configurations. Choosing one of the kits ensures that the configuration of parts has been selected by experts and tested to make sure optimal performance. They too are offered in different sizes and materials. Any sizes that aren't offered on the website can be customized and made for a customer by the company to make sure the right fit to allow for the optimal performance of electronic devices.

Cabinet cooling systems are vital to the functionality of any server. All of the parts work together to give for a temperate environment with maximum airflow to ensure that servers maintain optimal performance levels. The wide array of products to choose from, as well as the different materials and opportunity for customization for size, if needed, ensures that customers have the products that they need to keep their systems cool, even in small spaces.

GardTec Inc. is the largest manufacturer of electronic cooling fans and fan accessories. Their online store offers a variety of products and configurations to meet the growing needs of both residential and commercial clients. The company offers both US and European sizes. Any of their products can also be custom-ordered to size to be able to meet a particular client need. They are at the forefront of technological advancements offering both plastic and metal filter options. They also offer the latest technology in fan guards to provide optimal performance and protection for electronic cooling needs. All of their products are sold at competitive prices and offered at a discount when purchased in bulk.

One might never know when a recently purchased tool might come in handy, and nobody wants to carry around a backpack full of instruments and gadgets that might not even be needed. It is especially important for construction workers, repairmen, and mechanics. Right tools ensure that people of such professions will do their job quickly and efficiently. There are numerous lists of multipurpose tools one can fit in a pocket, however today we are talking about small gadgets that can be useful in various situations. We are, of course, not talking about heavy duty equipment that is utilized in the construction of large objects, only small, pocket-sized-ish gadgets that are easy to use and convenient to carry around. So here's our top 5 of gadgets for a construction worker. Please note that they are not stated in a particular order based on their price/usefulness.

Let's start with a device that is very common on almost every construction site. Laser distance meter is a simple yet sophisticated equipment that allows one to measure the exact distance between objects, walls etc. This device, namely LDM60 by General Tools, allows to single-handedly measure required distances without measuring tapes and complicated devices. It incorporates features like remembering the distances measured previously, performing various mathematical operations, measuring unit conversion and many more. It's pocket-sized and lightweight, and even comes with its own belt holster! Measuring distances has never been easier.

Next on our list is a combustible gas detector. General Tools provide a great device, model PNG2000A, that is capable of detecting natural gas leaks. It is a very handy tool when installing or servicing gas systems in a household. It has visual and audio alerts that warn of a high gas concentration. Comfortable shape, small size, and great functionality - what else do you need?

Moving on to a must-have when working with wood or moisture-susceptible materials - an MMD3E moisture meter. It is used for determining moisture level and moisture resistance of materials, which is crucial for correct calculations and material testing. It utilizes pin to measure the data more accurately. Ergonomic design, small size, and light weight allow this device to be carried in a pocket or on a belt, whichever is more practical for you.

A device that is necessary when installing or repairing electrical networks is a multimeter. Electricity grids run through all buildings, and their malfunction can lead to great damage and injuries. This device is used by servicemen and construction workers all over the world to analyze networks and devices and detect malfunctions. DMM53FSG multimeter is perfect for any type of application. It has 32 measuring ranges and is resistant to fall damage, which makes this gadget both reliable and useful.

And last, but not the least, we have a video scope. DCS660A by General Tools, it's a gadget of many functions. It captures the video and displays it on the monitor in real-time, and also records it for later use, or takes still pictures (if necessary). It may be used both in dry areas and water-filled zones, which makes it perfect when repairing or installing plumbing systems, or inspecting flooded areas. It's not exactly pocket-sized, however it comes with a case, and you can carry it on your belt or in a small bag.

You can even rinse several new electric razors or utilize them in the shower, while some even have LED screens. Today, "high tech" is not limited to laptops and smartphones. If you want to reap the benefits of modern stubble-slaying technology, listed below are the top electric razor reviews for guys 2014 so that you can consider.

Electric Razor Reviews For Men

10. Remington R4-5150A Titanium Rotatry Shaver

With this Remington R4 Rotary Shaver which includes Pivot and Flex Technology, you may get a classic and close shave. This electric razor will contour towards the angles on the chin and jaw line simply because of its 3 independent flexing heads, whilst it will also reach areas which might be tough to shave, as if your neck, simply because of its pivoting neck.

Remington R4-5150A Titanium Rotatry Shaver

9. Remington F5-5800A Rechargeable Foil Shaver

This Remington Rechargeable Electric Foil Shaver is certain to give you professional-quality shaves in minimal passes. You can easily cut 72 hours worth of growth due to the integrated intercept trimmer. Similarly, the angles and contours of your respective face are going to be effortlessly accompanied by the surgical steel foils caused by its Pivot and Flex Technology.

Remington F5-5800A Rechargeable Foil Shaver

8. Wahl 7060-700 Bump-Free Shaver

Wahl 7060-700 Bump-Free Shaver is usually a splendid grooming solution which has a hypoallergenic gold foil that can prove to be ideal in case you have sensitive skin. The foil also makes certain that you get a bump free shave to your face, head and neck, while its extendable trimmer can provide an even closer and even more precise shave.

You can run it from cord or batteries.

Wahl 7060-700 Bump-Free Shaver

7. Wahl 5 Star 8547 Rechargeable Hypoallergenic Free Shaver

This Wahl Rechargeable Hypoallergenic Free Shaver can be an upgraded version in the Wahl 8061 5 Star Electric Shaver, which had been quite favored after it was first introduced. Since this is really a Deluxe Rechargeable Cordless Shaver, it ensures mobility and portability once it really is fully charged. The anti-allergenic gold foil with this shaver not just ensures hypoallergenic shaves but additionally bump free shaves also.

Wahl 5 Star 8547 Rechargeable Hypoallergenic Free Shaver

6. Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade Rechargeable

This Panasonic Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver has Nanotech Blades that provide exceptional shaving. It is built with four cutting blades and also a quadruple foil, while Panasonic has expanded the cutting surface by 32%, consequently a better shave emerges with every stroke. Panasonic's linear motor powers the blades, in order that they shave including the thickest of beards.

Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade Rechargeable

5. Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver

If you would like to shave your personal way, this Braun Wet & Dry Shaver will work both in and out in the shower. You can use this electric razor with shaving foam or gel to customize its performance for better comfort while shaving. The SensoFoil technology of the electric razor will glide across your epidermis for additional comfort and control.

Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver

4. Panasonic ES8103S Men's 3-Blade (Arc 3)

This fully loaded dry/wet washable electric razor comes complete with innovative, smart features that deliver a cozy and remarkably close shave. This electric razor includes a 3-blade shaving system, which ensures maximum closeness and coverage, even for the parts within your face that happen to be most difficult to shave. The razor will float effortlessly simply because of its flexible, pivoting head.

Panasonic ES8103S Men's 3-Blade (Arc 3)

3. Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch

The efficiency and longevity of classic Philips Norelco razors happen to be combined having a better looking design and improved functionality within this Philips Norelco Powertouch Electric Razor. Easy and quick cleaning beneath a running tap is manufactured possible from this electric razor, whilst you can enjoy the ease of mobility due to its cordless operation

2. Braun Series 7- Pulsonic Shaver System

This 790cc advanced shaver through the Braun Series 7 may be designed to give the ultimate grooming experience. Revolutionary Pulsonic Technology is included on this electric shaver that captures a lot of hair in each stroke by making use of over 10,000 micro vibrations. Additionally, a cozy and thorough shave is that is generated by its powerful linear motor.

Braun Series 7- Pulsonic Shaver System

1. Philips Norelco 1150X SensoTouch 2D

With an easy-to-hold, innovative design, this Philips Electric Razor has an exceptional shaving experience by employing GyroFlex 2D technology. A lithium-ion battery powers this electric razor for cordless portable operation, and it is user-friendly features such as SensoTouch 2D make shaving a pleasure rather than a chore. This electric razor can be excellent for travel as it a storage pouch can be included.

A leather jacket is definitely a piece in your wardrobe which makes it look stylish and precious. It is not less than a dream for every boy and girl to buy a leather jacket. There are many jackets such as a biker jacket, a bomber jacket and a fatigue-jacket. However, when it comes to the maintenance, leather clothing needs more attention and care.

Unlike other clothing which is made of different fabrics, leather is more sensitive and requires extra care. If your jacket has got stains or spots, you cannot just wash it or soak it in a detergent like you do with other clothing. For proper cleaning, storing and keeping the jacket new all the time, you need to follow below tricks;

Prevent it from damages before wearing it

Remember the old and famous saying 'Prevention is better than cure' because it really works. If you have a brand new jacket, it is better to protect it from damages and spots before wearing it. Waterproofing is a fantastic method through which the jacket is protected from water damages and it also becomes resistant to stains.

However, when it comes to waterproofing, there are many water & stain protectors available in the market and are very helpful in this regard. It is also helpful to repeat the process after every cleaning.

Water-stains should dry naturally

If your jacket gets water spots or if you accidentally spill some water on your jacket, do not put it in the dryer and don't even use a hair dryer for spot-dry. Direct heat of the dryer can damage the leather and this is the reason, the experts of leather recommend hanging the jacket so that water dries out naturally.

Alcohol is effective for the removal of stains

If your leather clothing has ink spots, plain old rubbing alcohol is the best solution to remove them. Soak a white cotton cloth in alcohol and rub the stain gently with it until the ink spots start to fade. Make sure the scrubbing is not hard otherwise the color of the jacket can get fade.

Leather-conditioner is useful

In order to keep your jacket soft and supple, the use of a leather-conditioner is helpful. A conditioner is extremely helpful to keep the jacket away from drying and cracking.

Hence, after considering all the above tricks, make sure you store your jacket in a cool and dry place to stay away from damages of mold & mildew.

There are two important factors that you should consider while playing a cosplay character. They are your clothes and hairstyles. You will be able to full justice to your character only when you match your dress with the appropriate hairstyle. When you try different hair styles with your natural hair, it takes a lot of time to get it right and an equal (if not longer) amount of time to de-style it and get it back to its original state. This is where a cosplay wig comes to your rescue. These wigs are available in different colours, patterns and lengths. They are quite affordable as well; so, you can purchase wigs as per your character and flaunt your style in your group. Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind when you buy these wigs:

Know your character

Wigs for cosplay characters are made from fibre strips and come in various designs. If you want to choose the right wig for your head, you should have a thorough understanding of the cosplay character that you are playing. Do an extensive research on the internet about this character to understand the various patterns of hairstyles that he/she follows. This will help you decide the length, type, material and accessories for the wig. Sometimes, you may not get the exact length of the wig that your character demands. In these cases, it is best to get a long wig and then style it according to your needs.

Heat resistance

Whenever you buy a cosplay wig from any store (online or brick & motor), you should always check if the wig is resistant to heat. You should buy only those wigs that have heat resistance capacity because this would mean that you can use apply gels or sprays on your wig after blow drying it on low heat. You may have to subject your wig to curls, straightening or iron treatments that require a fair degree of heat. Therefore, always choose wigs that are clearly mentioned as heat-resistant.

Importance of colour

Cosplay wigs are far different from Halloween wigs. The former is more colourful and cheaper than the latter. Don't hesitate to shade bright shades of colour on your wigs, especially if the attire you wear is going to be vibrant. If the cosplay character that you plan to portray is quite a bright personality, you have to choose bright coloured wigs as well. When you buy wigs from stores, ensure that you cross check the colours under the sunlight and in the absence of light, so that you know the true shades. Sometimes, a slight variation of shade can cause a big difference in your overall looks.


Buy a lot of wig accessories like clip-in pigtails, clip-in buns, clip-in bangs, wig gels and sprays. Use professional cutters that people at the spa do to cut your wig and personalise it the way you want by adding high ponytails, side-parting and a lot more, by using these clips. This is a cheaper option than wasting time, effort and money in looking for the exact length and style of wig that your character sports.

When you choose a proper cosplay wig, you will be able to full justice to the character that you are playing. To sport the right style of wig, you should spend considerable time in knowing more about the looks and attitude of the character that you plan to play and watch how he/she carries off his/her hairstyle.